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Upcoming guest lecture at East Stroudsburg University

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Beginning in pre-WWI Austria, Dr. Felton will outline Vienna's pre-War art from a cultural perspective, addressing how the Modernists address the angst, insecurity and newly-formed perceptions of selfhood in visual arts, literature, and philosophy. These are well contrasted with the conservative aesthetic of the aspiring Viennese artist, Adolf Hitler. In addition, Dr. Felton will briefly explain her primary topic of interest, the “Doppelgaenger,” and its importance in Viennese cultural production. Moving on to Berlin, Dr. Felton will briefly summarize the distinctions between the more fantastical, subjective, and Symbolist aesthetic of Austrian Expression and the realism and social engagement of Berlin's Expressionist movement. Dr. Felton will punctuate that introduction to Berlin with the biting, politicized aesthetic of the German Dada movement, and examine its relationship with the cultural climate of the era.

Finally, Dr. Felton will return to Hitler, whose regime inadvertently curated one of history's most infamous and brilliant exhibitions with his Degenerate Art Exhibition. Through this, Dr. Felton will demonstrate how art, literature, and philosophy engage with society, culture, and events in surprising, often antagonistic ways, and Dr. Felton will also ask the audience to consider the doubling that occurs between the two capital cities, between the two wars, and eventually, between a divided Germany.

5th Annual Egon Schiele Research Symposium-- Join us!

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For more information about the symposium or the Egon Schiele Research Society, please visit http://www.egon-schiele-jahrbuch.at/

It's Arrived!

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I just received my author's copy of my latest publication! It's a beautiful hard-cover volume, and I am looking forward to reading my co-authors' essays in the next few weeks! Many thanks to Deborah Ascher Barnstone for selecting my essay for inclusion and for her hard work in organizing and editing the volume!

Per the Peter Lang Oxford Academic Publishing website, "The Doppelgänger – the double, twin, mirror image or alter ego of someone else – is an ancient and universal theme that can be traced at least as far back as Greek and Roman mythology, but is particularly associated with two areas of study: psychology, and German literature and culture since the Romantic movement. Although German language literature has been a nexus for writing on the Doppelgänger, there is a paucity of scholarly work treating a broader selection of cultural products from the German-speaking world. The essays in this volume explore the phenomenon of the double in multiple aspects of German visual culture, from traditional art forms like painting and classical ballet to more contemporary ones like film, photography and material culture, and even puppet theatre. New ways of understanding the Doppelgänger emerge from analyses of various media and time periods, such as the theme of the double in a series of portraits by Egon Schiele, the doubling of silk by rayon in Weimar Germany and its implications for class distinctions in Germany, and the use of the x-ray as a form of double in Thomas Mann’s Magic Mountain and Christoph Schlingensief’s performance art."

If you would like more information or would like to purchase a copy, please visit the publisher's website!