Lori A. Felton

Lori A. Felton

Art Historian, Author and 

College Art Association, February 2015



2015    Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA

             Ph. D., History of Art

             Dissertation: “Egon Schiele’s Double Self-Portraiture”

             Preliminary Examinations; March-April, 2011:

                                -Northern Renaissance Portraiture

                                -Early Photographic Portraiture

                                -Fin-de-siècle Viennese Literature

                                -Viennese Painting: 1908-1918

2010   Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA

             M.A., History of Art

             Master’s Thesis: “‘Ich bin alles zugleich, aber niemals werd’ ich alles zu gleicher Zeit tun:’A Reconsideration of Egon Schiele’s Double Self-Portraits through                      Current Psychoanalytical Theory”


2005   American University, Washington, D.C.

             B.A., Liberal Studies Focusing on Art History (magna cum laude)

             Honor’s Thesis: “The Stripping of the Bride: Finding Duchamp in the Large Glass”

             Distinguished Departmental Honors in Art History


2012-2015   Bryn Mawr College Graduate Fellowship

2011-2012   U.S. Fulbright Student Research Grant, Austria

2010-2011   Bryn Mawr College Graduate Fellowship

2010              Middlebury College Summer Language Program Fellowship

2009              DAAD Fellowship for intensive summer language course

2005-2006   Austrian-American Education Commission English Teaching Assistant Fellowship

2005              Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program

2004              Charlotte Newcombe Foundation Merit Scholarship

2003-2005   American University Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship


Professional proficiency in German (B2/C1)

Reading knowledge of old German handwritten script

Reading knowledge of French


2016                Editor; Linguistic Data Services, Wilmington, DE (current)

                         Editing English translations to conform to AP grammar and style guidelines

2015-2016     Content Creator; Michelman Fine Art, New York, NY

                         Crafted engaging promotional essays about Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary art

2013                Field Research Assistant; Dr. Christiane Hertel, Bryn Mawr College (fall)

2013                Photo Archivist: Digitization; Dr. Richard Ellis, Bryn Mawr College (summer)

2013                Teaching Assistant; Form of the City, Dr. Carola Hein, Bryn Mawr College (spring)

2011                Temporary Teaching Assistant; 360°: The Last Days of Hapsburg: Vienna 1900 and the

                         End of an Empire, Drs. Christiane Hertel and Imke Meyer, Bryn Mawr College (spring)

2010               Teaching Assistant; Art of the Renaissance, Dr. David Cast, Bryn Mawr College (fall)

2008- 2010   Assistant Fellowships Advisor; Bryn Mawr College

                        Aided in successful applications for Watson and Fulbright Fellowships by organizing informational sessions, individual mentoring, advising and serving on                         the Fellowships Selection Committee


2005-2006   English Teaching Assistant; Höhere Bundeslehr-und Versuchsanstalt für Gartenbau,  Vienna, Austria


“Beyond The Self-Seers: The Creative Strategies within Egon Schiele’s Double Self-Portraiture.” In German Visual Culture: The Doppelgänger, Vol. III, edited by Deborah Ascher Barnstone, 13-44. Bern: Peter Lang AG, International Academic Publishers, 2016.

“Beyond The Self-Seers: Egon Schiele’s Late Double Self-Portraiture.” German Visual Culture Series: The Doppelgänger, Vol. III. (Forthcoming in September 2016).

“Doubling as a Device in Vienna 1900,” Egon Schiele Jahrbuch, Vol. II/III (2012/2013), March 2015, 96-113.

“Seeing The Seers: The Viewer’s Role in Egon Schiele’s early Double Self-Portraiture,” Egon Schiele: Portraits (New York: Prestel Verlag, 2014), 99-114.


“The Catholic Imagination” and the Body in Twentieth Century Austrian Art, working title.

“Egon Schiele’s Double Self-Portraits as Gedankenmalerei.Two for One: The Double in Western Art from 1850 to 2010: Alter-egos, Doppelgängers and Reflected Images in Paintings made in Europe and the Americas from the Late 19th to the Early 21st century. (Submitted for review).


2015 Lecture, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA

          Title: “Egon Schiele's Double Self-Portraiture and Viennese Expressionism”

2012 Lecture, Fulbright Commission, Vienna, Austria

          Title: “The Rudolf Leopold Collection of Egon Schiele’s Portraits”


2015-present   Vice-Secretary: Egon Schiele Research Society

2011-present   Volunteer proofreading: Egon Schiele Jahrbuch

2010-2015        Bryn Mawr College Graduate Student Mentoring Program

2008-2009        Committee member for Bryn Mawr College Graduate Student Symposium,

                            “Thievery: The Anxiety of Influence and Appropriation”


College Art Association, New York, NY

Paper: “Egon Schiele’s Double Self-Portraits as Gedankenmalerei” (February, 2015)

German Studies Association Conference, Denver, CO

Paper: “Visual and Literary Sources of Egon Schiele’s Double Self-Portraiture” (October, 2013)

1st International Egon Schiele Research Symposium, Neulengbach, Austria

Paper: “Doubling as a Device in Vienna 1900” (June, 2012)

German Studies Association Conference, Louisville, KY

Paper: “Portraits in Dialogue: A Reconsideration of Egon Schiele’s Portraiture” (September, 2011)

U.S. Senator Rush Holt Conference, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV

Paper: “Fischinger and Kandinsky: The Diaspora of Modernist Ideology and its Effects on Contemporary American Art” (April, 2007)

Ann Robyn Mathias Student Research Conference, American University, Washington, D.C.

Paper: “The Stripping of the Bride: Finding Duchamp in the Large Glass” (May, 2005)


American Alliance of Museums

Austrian Studies Association

College Art Association

Egon Schiele Research Society

German Studies Association

Golden Key International Honor Society

Historians of German, Scandinavian and Central European Art

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society